Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nature Pleasure

Leather jacket - Red Tag || Black tank - H&M || Washed jeans - gifted || Boots - Thrifted

We all have this favorite spot in every place/country we are in. It spells the serenity you need after work, or just help you shrug off a nasty day.I discovered mine a few days back. Zebo and I saw this hill where you can perfectly watch the sunset, read heart-shaped letters, while lying on a baroque printed picnic mat, enjoying a cup of jasmine tea. This is also overlooking a pond surrounded with these flowers, and a playground, seeing mommies running after these heavenly-eyed arab children. We enjoy this kind of nature pleasure.

A shoutout to Zebo for helping out a friend to document her outfit posts. Finally, someone here who identically share thoughts about life. Thank you darling, thank you =)

Location: Aspire zone (behind Hyatt Plaza and Villaggio)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pawnshop Blues

Weather in Doha's finally being considerate to creatures obsessed with throwing on oversized cozy sweaters like I do. I'm currently peeping on my window with this beautiful fog while listening to Pawnshop Blues by LDR of course, and sipping on tea. Somehow, I forget i'm somewhere else away from the comforts of my old self.

The weather, the carols played in the lobby,  the hotel tree lighting yesterday (this one over here participated as one of the hotel choir *ehem* ha ha! ) and the countdowns in TV shows make me tell myself: "It's Christmas." I have still yet to figure out tho, how to celebrate my favorite holiday without the people closest to my soul. Yes, including my cat.

Enjoy your weekend, dollface.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Gems and Glass

Schedule for the past few weeks was beyond Mr. Webster's definition of exhaustion. The hotel grand opening + King of Qatar visit + tons of guests checking in and out of the hotel + unlimited physical room inspections + endless smiling to guest faces. It's just "ajdskfhaurhah", but i'm not complaining. I love my job.

So when some friends and I decided to have a photowalk at the Museum and the Souq, I didn't have second thoughts. Ahead is a photo-heavy post, showing the gorgeous pieces from the museum, and gorgeous shops at the Souq (their version of Divisoria here)--It reminds me of Jerusalem in some way.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Clearer View

The past few weeks was a massive whirring clouds of mental war. Living alone can both be a pro and con but i'd choose to go onto the positive boat, as I always do. Still, I crave for my old self, but I'm getting used to my life's latest blows. I know, 'neath all these, there's something real, not just some dream about my old self, but a dream of a woman with a clearer view.

Floral top - thrifted || Mustard sleeveless top - gifted || Black leggings - H&M || Suede boots - Peacocks
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