Thursday, April 26, 2012

VLM Guide: Be Manila Music Festival Ready

After knowing you can stand out this summer through this post, now we gotta be armed with the activities and festivities this gorgeous season brings.

Manila Music Festival, yes? Af and I couldn't be more excited with this event. Finally, something we pinoys can call our own! So here's what the VLM darlings thought of bringing/having:

1) Floppy hat - Spare yourself from bringing too much in your bag like a heavy/bulky umbrella, and show off that classic hat stardust.

2) Messy hair - Sport that messy beach hair. The event's gonna be held in open grounds--and might be windy (I hope!) so go ahead, embrace the wind.

3) A Dewy face -  You don't wanna make that cute guy see melting dark eyeshadows and mascara! Have minimal make-up. A moisturizer, foundation with high SPF, and lipstick would do.

4) Perfect dress - While listening to your favorite band, you don't wanna be uncomfortable. Choose cottony and breezy dresses to null that scorching Manila heat.

 5) Fancy tumbler - Hydrate,hydrate, hydrate. But that doesn't mean you'll hold a boring water bottle. Save mother earth and bring that attention seeking tumbler from Victoria Secret or maybe a parisian bottle.
 6) Music inspired accessories - Talk about subtle advertising here (haha!) Take that stunner VLM accessories with you honey ;)

7) Boots/Gladiators - Take those rad pieces out for a spin. Again, comfort and fashion is a must.

 8) Camera - Don't just freeze those stunning images in your head. You'll forget that eventually. Document every moment of the festival darling. :)

Now remember VLM's music festival inspired collection? That's how stoked we are. Are you? See you on the 1st of May!

See more MMF details here.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hike and Pike

April 23, 2012

This is definitely one for the books. Hiking at Pico de Loro with colleagues, and maaaan, it was exhausting  but exhilarating! Aching body after 2 days. Don't judge, this is my first.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wine and Dine

So what happened that night never really happened. Bloodrush.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A VLM Giveaway

Just because we want to share the love, VLM is giving away some items (which Af and I personally love) from our shop. It's easy as do-re-mi. Here are the mechanics:

1. Like VLM on FB.
2. 'Share' this cover photo and put a caption "I WANT TO WIN THESE. Check out VLM's Fan Girl 2 Collection -" Don't forget to tag VLM Shop {Viva La Manika}.
3. Message us the link to your post with your name, e-mail address, and mobile number.
4. By sharing our Collection 10 and Fan Girl 2 albums, you get more chances of winning.
5. Winner will be announced on April 30, 2012 via draw lots.

And the juiciest part? The package includes:

1. Assorted clothes from our shop:
a. Striped sheer cropped top
b. Velour shorts from Collection No. 8
c. Abstract snake-skin print shirt
d. Royal blue skorts with silver buckle

2. Accessories from our Fan Girl Collections:
a. Gaultier Model ring
b. French Flora ring from our Fan Girl Collections
c. Stevie Nicks with Autograph necklace

Now wish luck from your fairies bébés!


I just learned to live with my forever messy hair. 

Scoured a gorgeous pair of boots at Peacocks for just P645. Almost 80% off the regular price!

"Instinct can be your only weapon." - Battleship

Quality time at last, after weeks of busy schedules and errands. It makes us feel grand everytime.

Obviously, I can't get over with the boots and took them on a weekend with the beau. Wore a floral top to add some femininity and balance. I just don't get myself sometimes wearing boots for this inside-a-microwave weather, but oh well. *wink*

It was a day of plans, catching up, running inside the mall, shameless picture taking, eating, and random praising/ranting really. The kind that makes a little girl smile.

Thanks for supporting me on Style Bible's Style Star. I was second, but I appreciate it really. It melts my heart knowing I have supportive people like you.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Set Things

Cardigan - Izod || Top - H&M || Bandage skirt - Bazaar || Combat boots - vintage

I thank the thrift gods for finally giving me this combat boots i've been forever longing for. Who could ever say no to a two hundred buck treasure? Not to mention its comfort and spunk. I guess i'm still hung over on VLM's latest collection .

I finally have the perfect boots for Coachella. Seriously, NAT-yet. Oh whims that Af and I have. But get ready world. Let's work hard for this people! We're going there.

BUT, frown not darlings, Manila's gonna have our first ever Music Festival on May 1! Amazebeans, isn't it? I know you want to know more, so go ahead and click here and here.
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