Monday, January 21, 2013


boots - thrifted
Leather Jacket - Red Tag || Vivalamanika. Cat Ring
Black dress - Mango
Ah, this darling. I've been convincing her to make her own blog.

I've been a blog slacker these past few days weeks. These photos have been dated 6th of January, which makes it exactly two weeks and two days before I can post it. (Yeah, go ahead, judge) Work's still sucking pretty much all of my time right now, that I don't have the pleasure of sitting on my laptop and blog away.

Plus, I really have to remind myself to buy a tripod and a remote to at least document my outfits, because apparently, in the hospitality industry, your friends who'd be willing to take otd's have a different schedule than yours. Okay, I don't make sense now, and I should stop. *poof*

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Year That Was

As I lounge in this first few days of the year, I course through all the strawberry-filled memories of 2012. "It was a good one, a good one" I always say. Looking back on the photos captured from the past year, gives me yet again a sly smile to the Higher Power who made it possible and bearable. I officially welcome you, (yes on my own pace) 2013. Bring it.

Oh Bloodrush's first issue. Had a sweet heart attack

Channeling droopy eyes with (none other than) Af for VLM

This unforgettable window pane.

Still, my favorite VLM collection to date.

Laying our hands on every single VLM novelty piece.

And then, Ta-daa, we launched VLM's first ever novelty nifties.

Bicol 2012

Ah, I miss you, hermana.

Was one of those Bloodrush meetings over a cup of coffee. Oh the minds of these women. <3

The queens and culprits of Bloodrush
Onto blue drinks and lights.

We were Spice Girls that night, and went ziggy zig ah.

StyleBible 's been a darling to me last 2012. Honored. So honored.

Always one of those dates that keep me fight for life.

My first ever climb.

Aaand BR's second issue. Woosh.

Finally, our own Coachella, Manila Music Festival

 3/4 of the hands I grew up with. Futures.

We cried and laughed at the very same time. That night, we knew, the stories over a glass of this fancy drink,  made us the women we now are.

We both didn't shed a tear. Because for us, I never left. It's all about the mindset, honey. (At the airport going to Doha)

Doha's sunset.

Zebo + Aspire

Doha's Cityline.

Let's build more of these, 2013.
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