Monday, February 28, 2011


February 27, 2011

This was day 3 for my stay in Baguio.

Call time was 2:30 but we all woke up at 2:30! haha how was that!? We all had a quick bath and rushed for make up and rehearsals.

We had last practices and I was so excited with my outfit! This might not be the typical outfit I have to post but the design was grand for the event. I love the sequins that really made our costume stand out! Also, look at the fringes in our sandals.

Isn't that cute? :)

And so we started the street dancing. This was so much fun than what I expected. As any other performer, you will love the presence of the crowd, especially of course when they're all jeering for your group. There was also a time wherein we danced without music since there were technical difficulties. But the fun part is we still continued with the dance and we were the one singing and doing the beat. Talk about being funny and flexible at the same time! Hahaha.

Yes, you're looking at it correctly, we didn't have sandals at first since it was delivered late. We were stepping on this freezing road for about 10 mins, and a little later we got our sandals. =))

'Twas scorching hot when we arrived at the athletic bowl and we enjoyed endless pictures with tourists. They literally fall in line just to take pictures with us.

We performed around 2pm and I was elated after the performance. I know we did great! :)

Looking back how exhausted we are with the practices, you'll know it's all worth it.

After the picture taking, we went straight home to freshen up for the victory party.

We really had a great barbeque party. We also had the chance to have a little chit chat with people from the Baguio office. (Imagine how busy we are that we only knew each other's names during our 3rd day?haha)

end of Day 3.

stay awesome!

Rizza <3

Sunday, February 27, 2011


February 25, 2011

Day 2. We stayed at a gorgeous transient house in Baguio and talk about vintage! I looove the aesthetics and the cozy feeling of the house. This 3-story house has 6 rooms (i think) with bathrooms in each room. It also has a gorgeous garden.

Call time wasn't too early (yay) had 3-4 hours of sleep and off to practice again. We are now with the whole Baguio dancers and we practiced and combined the whole routine.

After lunch we went to the field to practice spacing for the competition. There were struggles at first but we managed to fix it though.

Sadly, one lifter was sprained and I admire how he reacted with the situation. As we all worry about his condition, he said "Mas lalo akong malulungkot kung hindi ako sasayaw" (I'd be more devastated if I won't dance). You can really see the passion in him for the performance.That's why We call him "Russel Determinado" (determined Russel)

We finished around 9pm with the rehearsals and went back home. (super cold again) Call time at 2:30 am. :)

end of Day 2.

Stay awesome!

Rizza <3


It's 2:51am as I write this and I'm just too excited to talk about what happened with a fulfilling week in Baguio. As you all know, or if you happen to read my previous post, I joined Panagbenga Festival and We bagged 3rd place! I'll be talking more about my ramblings as soon as I finish resizing pictures from my cam.

BEWARE of about 3 or more entries about my day to day life in Baguio. Ohh I enjoyed a lot.

Here's a teaser:

This is the whole Manila Group. And this was taken between 4-5 am. and it was COLD!i mean FREEZING!

photo from LA Adriano

BTW. I missed the blog world and your posts! I wasn't able to update much since we have rehearsals the whole time.

Goodnight, oh morning for now =)

stay awesome!


Sunday, February 20, 2011


I still managed to go to work even if I still have cough+colds+headache. Today was our departmental planning/bonding. We ate chips (forgive me diet) and soda (didn't sip though).

This is one of the best things with my work. You still get to enjoy and do silly things. WARNING: Vanity Ahead

Me with the little coke in can + the goodmorning face (this was only past 8am) + yes I know messy hair.haha

I this is my yellow trusty headphones with a bubble-gum like design. It helps me get through the day. :)

In a more serious note, these past few days, I have been thinking about my set goals in life. I thought of starting doing them step by step by step at a time.

I just read an article from one of my favorite inspirational writers, Bo Sanchez and i quote:

** "If you wanna be rich, think rich!"

**Find your song and find your audience.God has given you a song to sing—and an audience who likes that song. Focus on that song and that audience"

sense? - be where you're good at and be the best in that field :)

You can see the full article HERE

Im sorry but I don't have an outfit post for today, i was just too lazy to dress up that I only wore a tank top, jeans and sneakers! =))

Stay Awesome!

~Rizza <3


This is yet again a post for my long Friday.

So after work, I went straight to my brother's prom held at the Palms Country Club.

How time flies.. more than 4 years ago, I was the one wearing those pretty gowns.

my brother wore this for the event and I really love how our design turned out! I love how beige and brown blended here.

He didn't win prom king though but surely for us, you are :)

with my younger sister :)

While we were waiting for brother,we had dinner and read books at the lounge after.

and this is me with my "uhh" pose again.haha.

On a random note, I'm sick right now and my throat is killing me! I couldn't taste anything, plus I have cough and colds. ohh please get out of my system! I wanna go to work tomorrow =|

I'll leave it here for now loves. ciao! I hope you had a great weekend :)

Stay awesome!

Rizza <3

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Wore this for a long day, i mean veeeery long day.

thrifted vintage blouse || black Levi's pants || Janeo oxfords || department store hat

such a cute mural right?

added the hat when we went to The Palms for my brother's prom.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Live with Versace and Moschino

One of the hospitality trends nowadays is the adaptation of designer brands in your own living space. This is what Century Properties thought about here in Manila. With the growing number of people who can now afford of this kind of living, they came up with an idea of raising the bar of luxury in the business district – Makati. They partnered with Versace, a powerhouse designer and launched Milano Residences.

Versace is in charge of the interior design, and public spaces.


The project will be finished by 2015 and each unit costs from P8M – P50M.


Next is yet another brilliant creation from a brilliant designer. Introducing the Masion Moschino. This intricately designed hotel is located in Milan Italy and offers uniquely designed rooms. As I was browsing over the website , I was totally amazed by the room designs!

Alice in wonderland inspired tea table

You can also put your clothes in a Moschino hanger

Go Ahead, sleep in my ballgown

Sometimes, you can say: “Life is a bed of roses”

The forest room

photos are from
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