Sunday, February 27, 2011


It's 2:51am as I write this and I'm just too excited to talk about what happened with a fulfilling week in Baguio. As you all know, or if you happen to read my previous post, I joined Panagbenga Festival and We bagged 3rd place! I'll be talking more about my ramblings as soon as I finish resizing pictures from my cam.

BEWARE of about 3 or more entries about my day to day life in Baguio. Ohh I enjoyed a lot.

Here's a teaser:

This is the whole Manila Group. And this was taken between 4-5 am. and it was COLD!i mean FREEZING!

photo from LA Adriano

BTW. I missed the blog world and your posts! I wasn't able to update much since we have rehearsals the whole time.

Goodnight, oh morning for now =)

stay awesome!



Tereza Anton said...

Congratulations! This is really cool. I wish you a good night.

rizzalana said...

I really had a blast tereza! thanks! :)♥

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