Monday, March 28, 2011


I was skimming on pictures and I realized I never posted this.

This is what I wore for a lunch date with my siblings and watched World Invasion.

aviator shades || brother's shirt || LEI reconstructed shorts || Parisian Sandals || red tote bag

After all the drastic disasters happening in the world today, I can't help but be disturbed by the movie. If you're into sci-fi action movies like me, WATCH :)

Now about the outfit. Since it was scorching hot, and we have no choice but to commute, I opted to wear a laid back outfit for today

Favorite piece from the ensemble: My wood ring.

I scored this from my Bora trip and I was overly happy when i saw this. Aside from the unique design I totally love, it's only for Php 150 ($3)!

So yes, I think this is it for now. I still have sooo much things to do for the week, but not complaining, i love my job :)

On a lighter note, I'm also excited for what I have to do for the weekend, and I can't wait to share it with you once it's finally done ;)


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stay awesome lovely people!

Rizza <3

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary 79


Janeo oxfords || random floral blouse || thrifted sheer skirt || dad's purse

Since summer's about to commence, I begin thinking about wearing light colored stuff for the day. Wore this to a lunch out with friends, and so far im loving how my outfit's so easy and breezy.

My favorite piece for this ensemble would be the sheer skirt. :) oh pardon my boring thoughts today, I don't know why, but my gray matter seem to be malfunctioning.haha

This celebration should be way wayyy back. I think we're all so busy with our new departments now (i think??haha)At looong last! we finally had time to get together.

Happy Anniversary batch 79, i missed you :)

stay awesome!

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This is yet another closed chapter for my brother, who just graduated high school. I just felt bad I wasn't able to attend the grad ceremony, but yet again, I know brother, you understand.

We're soooo proud of you brother (got 4 medals!)

After work, we filled our tummies with sumptuous food from Amici and of course, caramia dessert (yum).

I seriously need to get back to the usual workout tomorrow okay next week, i forgot, I still have to be somewhere tomorrow, wherein my diet will still be tested.haha

stay awesome people. =)

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Friday, March 25, 2011

BORA Day 3: Goodbye Bora =(

March 20, 2011

Awww, last day for us.


random swimsuit || from bazaar cover up || aviator shades

Thank you Debbie Castro for my outfit post for today :)

We had breakfast at Real cafe, They have the best pancakes and muffins, I swear!

We also had more time to stroll and buy our pasalubongs (yay)

Soaked and attempted to have a tan but still: ---MAJOR FAIL.haha (still no sun

photos by: Russel Sales

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Stay awesome people! :)

Rizza <3

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boracay Day 2: Pictorials and Food Trips

Day two for us! We really wanted to have a tan, but the bright sun wasn't there =| anyhoo, we just WALKED-ATE-TOOK PICTURES, then WALKED-ATE-TOOK PICTURES again.

An outfit post at last! after 16 days!

Orange thrifted maxi skirt || Eggshell Gap top || random swimsuit || Aviator shades || Department store Hat

I'm totally in love with this orange maxi skirt I scored last month! I love how the color pops out of the entire outfit. Toned the ensemble down by pairing it with an eggshell top. What do you think?

We ate lunch at D'Mall and strolled again.

"Help save the Earth, it's the only planet with Lays" -- like Russel's eco friendly bag :)

I literally pigged out during this getaway.haha. We eat almost every 2 hours! =))I also had an Analeigh Tipton-inspired henna tattoo

and saw Sam Pinto. sooo pretty :)

lovely photos by:
Debbie Anne Castro
Russel Sales (follow him on twitter: )

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stay awesome!

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