Friday, March 4, 2011


people are people geeky glasses || sister's top || checkered boyfriend blazer || Tomato Acid washed jeans|| people are people heels

How I missed doing outfit posts! You know how I've been busy for the past few weeks with work and all.

Wore this to work today, of course minus the heels (to avoid weird stares) and the glasses (it was broken! =|)

Say hello to my eyebags! haha

My day so far was great.. talked to people worth talking and did what I really have to do.

I'm happy today! Scored a red leather jacket for $2.50! beat that! =D

On an entirely different note, there was also an activity at work about cancer awareness and OF COURSE we participated.

Me doing my masterpiece..As much as I wanted to share the picture of what I drew, I wouldn't take the risk of humiliating myself SO MUCH haha.

Thank you also Kaye for the food after! :)

This is it for now..ciao! :)

Stay awesome!

Rizza <3


Tereza Anton said...

I love you heals.

Grysh Co said...

Love te acid wash jeans sis :)


Mariel Torres said...

i LOVE the cancer awareness signs... so inspiring! love your blog darling (from IFB)

Panda said...

I really like your jacket!

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