Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary 79


Janeo oxfords || random floral blouse || thrifted sheer skirt || dad's purse

Since summer's about to commence, I begin thinking about wearing light colored stuff for the day. Wore this to a lunch out with friends, and so far im loving how my outfit's so easy and breezy.

My favorite piece for this ensemble would be the sheer skirt. :) oh pardon my boring thoughts today, I don't know why, but my gray matter seem to be malfunctioning.haha

This celebration should be way wayyy back. I think we're all so busy with our new departments now (i think??haha)At looong last! we finally had time to get together.

Happy Anniversary batch 79, i missed you :)

stay awesome!

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Smolder Me said...

pretty skirt! =))
Xoxo Cheryl

Anonymous said...

That thrifted skirt is beautiful


Anonymous said...

Love love love this outfit !!

Adjila from

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