Saturday, March 12, 2011


A continuation of my last post:

This was a full packed day! Had dinner and mall hopping with mom. I love having serious conversations with her :)

Don't we love our moms so much? :)

In my case, I have always been inspired of how she deals with life.

On my way home, I dropped by a simple send off for my HS friend Jan. She'll be out of the country for 2 years and we'll surely miss her! We love you Jan.. See you soon :)

with jan,clarice and ana.

thanks clarice for the pictures! :)

Stay awesome,
Rizza <3

4 comments: said...

I agree Riz! Moms are truly inspirational!

Tereza Anton said...

These photos are so cute :)

Fashion Me Chic said...

Nice photos. Follow if you wish.

thechyrelgomez said...

great photos! i miss hanging out w my girls.

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