Monday, November 25, 2013

On Analog

A few weeks back, THE Julo Cope did a shoot using his analog camera. Brilliant as always. Loving how it looked like it was ripped from an 80s magazine, particularly the second photo.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hair Enchantments

Finally, after 3 long years of digesting the idea of me having this hair comes to an end. I have been sporting long tresses ever since I can remember, and thought that having it this short was waaay far from being possible because of my face shape. But blah on insecurities and hello body (and face shape) appreciation!

And to my haircut peg: Audrey Tautou.

Weekly Delights

1 - Awkward confessions

2 - Cafe dates from my boyfriend

3 - Hot peppermint chocolates

4 - Random donuts

5 - Unsolicited love advices

6 - Phone calls from old friends

7 - Choir Services

8 - A dose of sunshine

9 - New travel plans

10 - Improved internet speeds

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Brand Loving: Viva La Manika

Who wouldn't love a piece from Viva La Manika? Seriously. Every woman of art, love and struggle must have one.

And yes, they started the "Customize Your Own Jewelry" option, where you could finally wear your favorite photo on an accessory of your liking. How heartfelt could it be, having a statement piece to roll out in a party.

There will be more more more outfit posts to be incorporated with these gems. Aaah, VLM, VLM.

May you have a great weekend, darling.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Harper Sadie Blair

As I sip on this hot chocolate, i've been sinking myself about this unfathomable miracle of life. Visited one of my girlfriends (Jazel) as she gave birth to this honeypie.

Last 27 October 2013, our little angel, Harper Sadie Blair was embraced by the world. It was just a couple of months back when we were trying to imagine how you look and how you would feel in our arms as we carry our babydoll.

The legit mother. I'm so proud of you Jaze, you're helluva superwoman.

Aaand now to the pretending mothers. Look at our fascination with this gem.

Mommy Paula

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Undocumented Dates


Life has been incredibly fantastic these days, and as a responsible blogger as I am, of course I documented everything....NOT. All photos are from by awesome boyfriend's Instagram account.

September 26, 2013: Seconds after my Pinas arrival from Doha. We survived a year!! For everyone who's in a long distance relationship, that first tight hug when you finally have each other is THE BEST.

September 26, 2013: Went directly to MOA with the family and Che to eat nothing but PORK. Game face: ON. Plus the obligatory shoe photo.

Finally had my hair chopped off! After 3 years of Ji's hardwork in convincing me to do so. 

Orange sleeveless top - H&M || Aztec print mullet skirt - Max || Black studded bag - H&M || Silver glittery flats - H&M

(Oh look at me, consolidating outfit posts in one blog entry. Yes, I know, I know.)

The boyfriend went to CDO, and look at how he swayed the barista to do this. After more than 5years of being together, he still has this kind of touch. *insert hearts here*

About to watch Runner Runner (which I never understood) with this gentleman. 

Deep purple top - Topshop || Velvet leggings - Terranova || Peeptoe flats - Topshop

Finally had Larcy's after getting so hyped in social sites just right after I left for Doha. Those cupcakes were DIVINE. Stayed there for a good couple of hours with Ji, and capped the night off by reading books. I love reading books with this guy.

Royal blue top - Topshop || Pleated skirt - Thrifted || Silver flats - H&M

Venue for Tito Jerry's 50th birthday (Jireh's Dad)

Black dress - Mango || Coverup - Splash || Belt - River Island || Silver flats - H&M

How could I not love duyans.

That after party coffee and "all-there" conversations with Ji's family.

Decided to have a massage (finally Riz, finally! Thank you babe)

Denim top - St. John's Bay || Pencil skirt - Bazaar || Leopard sneakers - H&M

Don't you just love it when he introduces you to his friends? He profusely does. <3

It's a different feeling when you're completely a physically-there-girlfriend. The way he unimaginably comprehends certain situations always make me wanna hug and love him more. 

Finally had kwek-kwek! Still not the dirty kind though (Yes, I want those you can see on the streets)

I'm recently getting a lot of comments about me pegging on Miley Cyrus, or Riki Flo. UH, first of, they weren't my peg, secondly, it's just the hair.

Neon green sleeveless top - Forever 21 || Black leggings - Mango || Purple sneakers - H&M

To finally meet almost all of his funny and pleasant Marriott friends i've been talking to on the phone while I wasn't in Manila. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Future Slumbers

My fascination for weddings was actually negated by maternity photographs I had last weekend with my best girls here in Manila (yes, I actually didn't get to blog that i'm back in MNL to go back to studies). This is actually the first time for me to have a close girlfriend about to give birth. It's just so surreal. 

Finally got to meet my childhood bestfriends this weekend, which is of course tons of catching up, with more mature topics than we used to discuss: (Wedding proposals, weddings, TV parental controls, the art of giving birth, and raising a child). I have always wondered how would it feel like to be a fiancee, a bride and finally a mother.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dhow Cruisin'

Doha Corniche, September 2013.
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