Saturday, October 26, 2013

Undocumented Dates


Life has been incredibly fantastic these days, and as a responsible blogger as I am, of course I documented everything....NOT. All photos are from by awesome boyfriend's Instagram account.

September 26, 2013: Seconds after my Pinas arrival from Doha. We survived a year!! For everyone who's in a long distance relationship, that first tight hug when you finally have each other is THE BEST.

September 26, 2013: Went directly to MOA with the family and Che to eat nothing but PORK. Game face: ON. Plus the obligatory shoe photo.

Finally had my hair chopped off! After 3 years of Ji's hardwork in convincing me to do so. 

Orange sleeveless top - H&M || Aztec print mullet skirt - Max || Black studded bag - H&M || Silver glittery flats - H&M

(Oh look at me, consolidating outfit posts in one blog entry. Yes, I know, I know.)

The boyfriend went to CDO, and look at how he swayed the barista to do this. After more than 5years of being together, he still has this kind of touch. *insert hearts here*

About to watch Runner Runner (which I never understood) with this gentleman. 

Deep purple top - Topshop || Velvet leggings - Terranova || Peeptoe flats - Topshop

Finally had Larcy's after getting so hyped in social sites just right after I left for Doha. Those cupcakes were DIVINE. Stayed there for a good couple of hours with Ji, and capped the night off by reading books. I love reading books with this guy.

Royal blue top - Topshop || Pleated skirt - Thrifted || Silver flats - H&M

Venue for Tito Jerry's 50th birthday (Jireh's Dad)

Black dress - Mango || Coverup - Splash || Belt - River Island || Silver flats - H&M

How could I not love duyans.

That after party coffee and "all-there" conversations with Ji's family.

Decided to have a massage (finally Riz, finally! Thank you babe)

Denim top - St. John's Bay || Pencil skirt - Bazaar || Leopard sneakers - H&M

Don't you just love it when he introduces you to his friends? He profusely does. <3

It's a different feeling when you're completely a physically-there-girlfriend. The way he unimaginably comprehends certain situations always make me wanna hug and love him more. 

Finally had kwek-kwek! Still not the dirty kind though (Yes, I want those you can see on the streets)

I'm recently getting a lot of comments about me pegging on Miley Cyrus, or Riki Flo. UH, first of, they weren't my peg, secondly, it's just the hair.

Neon green sleeveless top - Forever 21 || Black leggings - Mango || Purple sneakers - H&M

To finally meet almost all of his funny and pleasant Marriott friends i've been talking to on the phone while I wasn't in Manila. 

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