Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boracay Day 1: The unforgettable one.

March 18-19, 2011

At last! Here we are, having the most awaited summer escapade of the year. We have been planning about this since December and at last, the day has come!

This trip wasn't the easiest trip I EVER had. It was sheer unadulterated torture! I choose not to say the airline, (oh okay it's Zest Air) and it was HORRIBLE!

-Our names wasn't in the system
-the manager was so snobbish
-flight delayed for 3 hours! flight was supposedly 6:10 pm and we left Manila at 9:30.

ahhhhh! I was almost in tears for all the hassle we've been through.

We arrived Bora at 1am since from Kalibo, we still have to travel 1.5 hours by land and ride a boat after

Ate dinner at Jammers. Look at our tired faces.haha

The epic bar was awesome. =) (positive vibes positive vibes)

Beware of more photo uploads on my next posts! haha :)

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stay awesome!

Rizza <3

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