Sunday, February 20, 2011


This is yet again a post for my long Friday.

So after work, I went straight to my brother's prom held at the Palms Country Club.

How time flies.. more than 4 years ago, I was the one wearing those pretty gowns.

my brother wore this for the event and I really love how our design turned out! I love how beige and brown blended here.

He didn't win prom king though but surely for us, you are :)

with my younger sister :)

While we were waiting for brother,we had dinner and read books at the lounge after.

and this is me with my "uhh" pose again.haha.

On a random note, I'm sick right now and my throat is killing me! I couldn't taste anything, plus I have cough and colds. ohh please get out of my system! I wanna go to work tomorrow =|

I'll leave it here for now loves. ciao! I hope you had a great weekend :)

Stay awesome!

Rizza <3


Veronica Vitorino said...

Your web site is great!
Mine is on because I'm Brazilian Portuguese:
I would like you to follow him ok?

Thousand kisses

crystal glamour said...

love the post :)

Amalia Mas'ad said...

Hi! Thanks for the intimate message on my ifb account, I really appreciate it.

And this post is so cute! Your brother is looking absolutely fabulous :) And I swear to God I have the same ring as yours (I made it by myself too :P)

Anyway, I've follow your blog via Google. It'd be great if you follow me too. Catch you up again another time.


Tereza Anton said...

Dashing looking people :)

Grysh Co said...

That was a very unique attire for prom :)

I miss prom :(


rizzalana said...

@ Amalia - thanks for the follow! followed you back dear ;)

@ tereza,crystal and veronica - thanks so much! ;)

thechyrelgomez said...

love your brother's tux and get well soon. :)
drink plenty of water.

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