Sunday, February 27, 2011


February 25, 2011

Day 2. We stayed at a gorgeous transient house in Baguio and talk about vintage! I looove the aesthetics and the cozy feeling of the house. This 3-story house has 6 rooms (i think) with bathrooms in each room. It also has a gorgeous garden.

Call time wasn't too early (yay) had 3-4 hours of sleep and off to practice again. We are now with the whole Baguio dancers and we practiced and combined the whole routine.

After lunch we went to the field to practice spacing for the competition. There were struggles at first but we managed to fix it though.

Sadly, one lifter was sprained and I admire how he reacted with the situation. As we all worry about his condition, he said "Mas lalo akong malulungkot kung hindi ako sasayaw" (I'd be more devastated if I won't dance). You can really see the passion in him for the performance.That's why We call him "Russel Determinado" (determined Russel)

We finished around 9pm with the rehearsals and went back home. (super cold again) Call time at 2:30 am. :)

end of Day 2.

Stay awesome!

Rizza <3

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Tereza Anton said...

This are really cool photo and I looks like you had so much fun. Congrats!

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