Monday, January 21, 2013


boots - thrifted
Leather Jacket - Red Tag || Vivalamanika. Cat Ring
Black dress - Mango
Ah, this darling. I've been convincing her to make her own blog.

I've been a blog slacker these past few days weeks. These photos have been dated 6th of January, which makes it exactly two weeks and two days before I can post it. (Yeah, go ahead, judge) Work's still sucking pretty much all of my time right now, that I don't have the pleasure of sitting on my laptop and blog away.

Plus, I really have to remind myself to buy a tripod and a remote to at least document my outfits, because apparently, in the hospitality industry, your friends who'd be willing to take otd's have a different schedule than yours. Okay, I don't make sense now, and I should stop. *poof*

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