Monday, April 16, 2012


I just learned to live with my forever messy hair. 

Scoured a gorgeous pair of boots at Peacocks for just P645. Almost 80% off the regular price!

"Instinct can be your only weapon." - Battleship

Quality time at last, after weeks of busy schedules and errands. It makes us feel grand everytime.

Obviously, I can't get over with the boots and took them on a weekend with the beau. Wore a floral top to add some femininity and balance. I just don't get myself sometimes wearing boots for this inside-a-microwave weather, but oh well. *wink*

It was a day of plans, catching up, running inside the mall, shameless picture taking, eating, and random praising/ranting really. The kind that makes a little girl smile.

Thanks for supporting me on Style Bible's Style Star. I was second, but I appreciate it really. It melts my heart knowing I have supportive people like you.


Ana Maria said...

I love your boots with your outfit :) I've been meaning to visit a Peacocks London branch :( my sister buys her boots from there too.

Anne Garais said...

you rock that boots girl! :D


roviedear said...

your boots are so nice :) and oh, your photo with the BF is so sweet :)great that you manage to spend good time together :)


Anonymous said...

Ji's shoes are super fashionable.

Chyrel Gomez said...

I love your boots! Bakit ba kasi wala akong ganyan! Hahaha! You look so bad-ass, Rizza!

Rizza Lana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rizza Lana said...

@Ana - I think they're still on sale ;)

@Anne - thanks dear :)

@Rovie - yeah, we try to squeeze in time. We're lucky if we see each other once a week!

@Debbie - I know! He's more maarte than me =))

@Chy - haha! see you soon babe! ;)

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