Monday, February 27, 2012

Outbound and Inbound Dreams

Skirt - mom's || Cotton top - Random || Mustard bucket bag - Shop My Demeanor || Cat ring - VLM || 

Photo: Afianne Cope

J introduced me to Razon's sizzling bulalo. nom.Can't.nom.Stop.nomnom

My new favorite ring. This goes to my love for anything feline.

My saturday last weekend was packed! Had a meeting with Afianne for VLM of course, and was chokingly stoked with what's in store for us on March *flying jump*. Had lunch with the beau, ran errands for the mom, plus attended a debut after.

The weather's totally hot and damp these days, wouldn't you agree? Hence the ensemble.

Aaand, from the bottom of my heart, I'd personally like to thank each and everyone of you, who supported Viva La Manika's First Accessory Collection. We were totally blown away. REALLY.

For those who blogged, tweeted, and of course purchased--thank you. The butterflies in our tummies turned into unicorns with your love.

Plus, The Bloodrush Diary will be open for viewing tomorrow. So make sure to pay us a visit.


ImLimitedEdition said...

wowww coool! love your ring too!

Gela said...

you look fabulous, Rizza!

you & Afianne make such a great team. really looking forward to see what else you girls have planned for VLM & The Bloodrush Diary! :)

boat ride through the sky

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