Thursday, March 29, 2012

VLM Update: Fan Girl 2 Out Now!

Darlings, after the overwhelming love you gave to our Fan Girl 1 Collection, here we are, doing a follow up.

We recently launched Viva La Manika's Fan Girl 2 Accessory Collection and we are more than stoked to let you peek into our treasure trove. You can check on the latest collection HERE and be in the know with what's happening in our VLM world thru TWITTER
For this collection, we added few necklaces for your aesthetic pleasure. Here are some of the handmade treasures we have:

I personally love the Spolarium ring, Elvis mug shot, gapped tooth and the unicorn (of course) What's your favorite?


winawonders said...

Defo the unicorn ring. ;) Bought it, too. :))

Rizza Lana said...

Oh thank you Wina :)

thestyleflux said...

Love those rings!

Kaye Awatin

Jessica said...

Cool & unique stuff!


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