Monday, May 21, 2012

Manila Music Festival 2012


May 1, 2012

I have been in a blogging downtime as you might notice (or not) occupying myself with VLM accessory production, bazaars, Bloodrush articles and launch. Sometimes, you'll be having so much in your hands you almost can't handle it. But in the end, the rush and satisfaction will always be unexplainable, and you'll look at it with a real smile.

Now looking into my backlogs--The Manila Music Festival. Af and I were totally excited creatures after getting an invite from the organizers. Who wouldn't? Months ago, we dedicated a VLM collection for such kind, and imagined ourselves wearing comfy clothes and dusting our feet with sand while listening to eargasmic music. What made this more special? I was with my fellow Bloodrush queens.

That was a magical night. I'll see you next year MMF.

Thank you Aspen for bringing us here!


ROXY said...

Love your outfit :)) Seems like a fun event, hoping that i can attend such event soon :))


Rizza Lana said...

Hope to see you next year at MMF Roxy! ;)

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