Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Yesterday, I just signed up with StyleBible.ph, and it's nice to know they have a style section where members can upload their photos and express themselves.

So yeah, I decided to upload my photo, kinda worrying if it's gonna be approved or not. haha. But to my surprise, when I checked it this morning, it's the look of the day (yay). Click here to see the picture in full size

I know this is kinda exaggerated to some of you, but hey, I just started my fashion blog last year, and this might be a positive start.Yes? =)

Maybe like some of you who do fashion blogging, you also wanna be featured in some of the style websites, be interviewed by high fashion magazines, be on a magazine's street style section, or be invited for a shoot or ramp. ;)

Let's dream big!

Thanks for reading and stay awesome ;)

Riz ♥



1 comment:

stephanie gracia said...

nice blog, and i'm now following you :)

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