Wednesday, July 27, 2011



There's so much I gotta talk about with my 2-week blog leave. I actually have 3 entries in mind, and without further ado, let me start with the first one.

Last weekend, I was part of the service team for Kids for Christ. As a kid lover, I know I would really enjoy this experience. There's nothing more for me than a child's laughter and smiles. It makes me happy too :)

1st day was awesome, I was a speaker of one talk, and I can say I had good feedback from the kids. They wanted me to talk more! Haha ;)

In the afternoon, we had a firehose bath. We just actually improvised and rented a water delivery truck instead. Haha =) Oh I was jumping and enjoying the water like a kid fluttering in the rain for the first time! No decent picture for me though. I was in blue on the second picture :)

as part of the service team, we were also dancing and singing (Kid's songs) the whoooole time! Talk about kids' concert! haha

My Team was the winner for the presentation during the bonfire activity! (swag.haha)

I really had a great and fulfilling weekend. More camps to go!

1 down, more lagged blog posts to go! haha ;)

~Riz ♥

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