Sunday, September 11, 2011

SFU Billboard


Who would have thought that one of my craziest/wildest dreams would come true?? I was aghast when I got a text saying that my big face was plastered on the streets going to my former college as a billboard! I was like: “Whaattt?Really?why?”

I never saw this one coming since the school just asked me to make a newspaper article for them, and I was super happy to see that they got an excerpt from my article as an ad! Anywhoo, I was kilig of course and thanks to my super ever kaduper proud mom for taking a picture of it for me.

Thank you also Southville Foreign University for always believing in me. I first posted it in my facebook account and I was flabbergasted with the super daming likes and comments! (oh please spare my excitement with everything! Haha)

stay awesome loves!



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