Friday, June 29, 2012

Peek into VLM PLAY (BTS)

June 23, 2012

Photographs from last week's shoot for VLM's next collection. Marveled earlier on raw files from the shoot and of course, Af and I exchanged woooh's and aah's. As always.

Can't wait to share it with all of your glowing hearts!

And here are the angels that made it possible:

Models: Crissy Zubeldia and Charm Vergara
Video: Maxi Mejia
Photos: Julo Cope, Arby Sacristia and Vince Valdez
Art Director: Celine Fujita and Afianne Cope
Styling: Yours truly

My favorite set.

Ji and Czap. The sweetest siblings ever. Thanks for visiting us. I love you both! I don't look happy at all.

This energetic team.

Can't get enough of Zubi's leopard eyelashes!

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Benlovesting said...

Beautiful photos! x

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