Tuesday, June 14, 2011


-playing my guitar
-doing songs when inspiration overflows
-jamming with the band
-reading soulfood
-walking my dog in the park
-my YFC family (suuuper)
-cafe trips with the my best girls in the world
-singing, dancing, performing arts and the likes.

Oh life. I wanna put you back on track.


fashioneggpplant said...

learning to play guitar is one of my biggest frustrations. i'm always in awe of people who know how :)

happycache.tumblr said...

so pretty, one of my fave photos of you! and the hair is just gorgeous!!! i miss a lot of things too!:-/

happycache.tumblr said...

so pretty, this is one of my fave photos of you!!! and your hair is just gorgeous!:-) i do miss a lot of things too!:-/ hope to see more entries, following you now on GFC!:-)


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