Thursday, June 2, 2011


Years ago, we never mused or dreamt of being together. "No he was just a friend" or "No that's just impossible". But here we are, celebrating 3 years of being together. Ironic huh?=) But we never had regrets. It was the best 3 years of our lives (so far)

Let's get back to business. At last an outfit post for me. After so many days of lazy outfits, or even if i have decent ones, i'm just so tired to do outfit shots and get sleep instead.

White Thrifted Lace dress used as top | Black Maldita Skirt | Black Bazaar belt | Beige Charles and Keith wedges | White Guess bag

I didn't have a decent close up of the laced dress, but here's how it looks:
I love the details on the sleeves and this is added to one of the sexy-decent pieces i own. :) A new favorite.


Pink Lacoste top | Beige pants | Boater shoes | Bass PM Louis Vuitton Bag | LV belt

We ate at Stackers and here's what i had:

his food

We also watched Kung Fu Panda which we surely loved! There were several, or should I say the entire movie was super funny! ;) PO was sooo cute.

I wanna have a baby pet panda someday ♥

Here's to more pictures:

Thanks for reading and stay awesome!

Riz ♥


Giasaysthat said...

Three years of being together?
I loved this post and you guys look so good together


The Cheshire Cat said...

3 years!?!? That's so sweet. Congrats to both of you! =) I love your skirt.

Lots of love,

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