Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Last sunday, (i know that was 3 days ago-what a lazy blogger) we had a team building at Forest Camp in Laguna, 4 departments were there, (we were about 40 all in all). If you think this is the usual mind-games-or-create-something team building, you're wrong. Haha, it was strenuous but super fun! Up 'til now, i still suffer with muscle pains =))

We were first split into groups,Did the obstacle race , and this will be the obstacle: log,tires,crawl,turn (yes, my world spinned here!)

Me doing the "dizzy spin" (just made that up)

Next game:

And then the canopy walk. Imagine: we will be crossing a 500m bamboo with that kind of width, at 10ft high! I hate the antik!(humongous ants!)


On the other side of the bridge, we did this,

And this:

Also, we had to cross the other side of the lake/pond/whatever you call that using two ropes

This was one of the hard parts, you have to go to the other side without falling off. It's kinda easy to look at, but believe meeee, in the middle part of the log, it's gonna wiggle like hell.haha --BUT I SURVIVED (bragging rights lang!)

Next is the rafting which I also quite enjoyed. Kudos to us Rache! =D

Swimming after of course

Group 3! :) nice meeting you guys.

The attendees:

and of course, RST ♥

~Riz ♥

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thechyrelgomez said...

I'm also preparing my blog post on what and how my Sunday was. I'm such a lazy blogger too but I think the cause of delay was the person who brought the camera for one event. LOL!

this looks real fun. i miss this kind of team building events. :)

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