Friday, April 22, 2011


Yesterday, it felt so good to finally speak with the boy. Talked about everything we have to say and realized everything we have to realize. Truth hurts but it definitely feels good after.

I'm okay now. Thank you to the people who always believed in us and have been there when I needed someone to talk to. For all the phone calls, comments and heartwarming messages from my friends,parents, friends, blog readers, thank you. You mean a lot to me. :)

Jireh, thanks for being a man. I love you. :)

with Czar (Ji's sister) thank you and i love you dear ;)

Another sweet thing from him: An ambigram tattoo of our names

And you..thank you for always reading :)

and stay awesome!



Mademoiselle Antonova said...

this is slightly vague! you 'freed' your heart but you're still together, correct? if so- i'm very happy for you!
i've been there so many times myself... :)
oh, and the tattoo is a really sweet gesture! x

thechyrelgomez said...

Awwww! All is well that ends well. :)

Glad to know.

Lydz xX said...

cute pix, hope you had fun
Lydz xX

Rosa Pel said...

i'm your the hundred follower!

Kookie B. said...

love the top! im a sucker for animal prints!

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