Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This was taken 2 days ago, when we went to MOA with the fam to check out the sale (yay)

yellow vintage top || Janeo shoes || wayfarers || vintage dad's bag || shorts with bow accent

I was itching on using this yellow top for weeks now, and finally the time has come to take her out. I just love how unique the prints are.

brother love ♥

while we were strolling, we passed by this suuuuper cute chow chow ;)

After my time with the family, I also went out with the boy ♥ its our monthsary that day and i'll put pictures in a separate post.

excuse my photo overloading loves ;)


stay awesome!

Rizza <3


Tricia Lay said...

I love this, esp your shorts! Chic voted on chictopia :-)

rizzalana said...

aww. thanks tricia ;)

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Love that top, m'dear!

strawberry freckleface

reesumimi said...

thank you for the follow! ♥
I followed back :) very lovely looks!

reesumimi said...

thank you so much!
checked out your blog and followed back ♥ very lovely looks!

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