Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Im excited to tell you guys about this. I'm opening my shop soon! After months and months of saying: "I'll open it soon" which I think lasted for about half a year, I finally got enough time in my hands to fix my collection of lovely lovely pieces I got from my closet and in random places I go to.

I'll keep you updated on this, I promise!

much much love,



Quirky Classic said...

haha I have the same situation as yours... I always say that I'm opening my online site soon (I'm selling accessories that I made) but don't have the time to do it... so hopefully both of us can open our respective shops :) good luck to us! hope to able to buy from you soon :D

Dana Lee said...

Congrats dear :)

rizzalana said...

Thanks Quirky Classic and Dana ;)

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