Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Don't You LOVE Surprises?

May 23, 2011

Another lovable move from the boy today. Without me knowing, he went to the office (which he rarely does because of the travel time and our tight schedules) to surprise me.♥ Gave me this drink with a personal dedication on it. Sweet.Yes?=) ♥♥

Look!We finished our food in a convenience store since he has to buy something first before going to the mall.

Another super sweet thing is, he took the public transportation! He hates it when he commutes (which he does rarely) and I just love it when we take public transports together. (Haha i know, weird much?Masochist?YES.haha Kill me now Jireh.)

cute ring he got for me :)

Maldita Man

with his brother and his girlfriend (talked about them on the previous post)

And yesterday, we also had lunch together. I love lunches. :)

Plus I'm super proud of him to have an article about him on the local newspaper (Inquirer) together with his siblings!

Ohhh i love surprises ;) ♥

How about you?Let me know on your favorite surprises ^_~



Tereza Anton said...

That ring is really cute.

Dale said...

Aww that is so sweet he did that, I definitely like surprises too. Great photos of all of you. You have a really nice blog. Following you now. I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco


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