Friday, May 6, 2011

PUREST LOVE (A Dedication to My Mother)

For this very special day, I just wanted to give credit to every mom out there, who sacrificed everything for the sake of their children.

I am now bombarded with so much words in my head that I can't even compose what I have to say.

Today, this isn't gonna be about me, what i'm wearing, what I did or what i'm gonna do. This is for you mom--Leah Regondola Lana. Happy Mothers' Day. =)

My mom is a superstar

I don't know how to describe it' but I just don't know how she handles every single pressure thrown her way. I just don't know how she juggles her time for the family, work, community, and studies (she's taking up her masteral's degree).

My mom is my idol

At the back of my mind, i unconsciously like being just the way she is. I remember when I was little, I mimic every single thing she does, of course without her noticing me. (or maybe she does, she just pretends not to see me. haha) The way she brushes her hair, her teeth, the way she fixes her hair or how she walks. When I have my family in the future. I wanna be like her. I imitated everything. Almost.

My mom is my personal psychiatrist

With my weird thinking and how I see life, it's good to know that you have someone to balance it off, someone to hit you in the head (not literally of course) and say; "What were you thinking?!" or sublty utter: "That's okay, i'm here to help you with that concern.Let's fix that."

My mom is my partner in everything

partner in crime, retail partner, salon partner, singing partner, dancing partner, gym partner, bullying partner, and of course, eating partner. =D

My mom is my bestfriend

I can't thank God enough for having a super close relationship with my mom. She knows almost everything in my life. she doesn't make me wanna hesitate saying what I have to say, whether it's a bad or a good idea.

Whenever I pretend to be strong, I always fail when i'm with her. She just hugs me, and without saying anything, there I am, going back to being a little girl bursting with tears. After she pats me on the head, and hugs me tighter, I suddenly feel a lot more better. I would never exchange how she comforts me with the way any person does. It's just different, totally different :)

My mom is my mother

I have always been amazed with the way she made us evolve into something the way we are right now. Kudos to her and everything she does for us.

-I could just imagine her exchanging sleep just so she has time with us for a movie night after work and after schooling.

-How she changes our icky diapers when we were little

-How she forgives us now matter how wrong we are, and hugs us after. she's always a loving and hugging mother.

-How she texts me just to ask how my day was, and of course to go home early,where exactly I am, who i'm with and how i'm going home. haha =)

-How she spiritually molded me to be a good Christian.

-How she cooks her own version of spaghetti and how we love it.

-How she's always proud of us in every possible way. Even just how we cook eggs, or make a perfectly colored pancake, she's just proud of us, and we are equally proud of you mother.

-How she jokes around and still make us laugh. Her smile is just so contagious. :)

When I look at her, I'm looking at the purest love a person could ever get.

I still have so much to say about her. Nothing ends here for a beautiful (inside and out) and smart person like her. You deserve everything mama. You are one of the reasons why I stay strong.I keep on moving forward and evolving for you. RiMiLou's always here, okay? :) (RiMiLou's how she calls us. It's a combination of the first syllables of our names- RIzza,MIco,LOUwee.creative.. yes?) Thank you and I love you.

To the mothers reading this entry, I AM PROUD OF YOU. Continue being an inspiration to every single child. You make their future. Be the best mother you can be. Even if you think you're not, make your children believe that you are. God gave you special powers to be the best mom in the world in the eyes of your children.

To all the children reading this entry, make your mothers feel how special they are not only for this day, but every single day of our lives. You owe them everything. Say i love you and hug them every chance you could possibly get. It makes them feel better with whatever she's encountering in her life. Those simple gestures we oftentimes forget, like saying goodmoring, goodnight, or text them to ask how they feel, kissing them before you go to work or school. Let's try to give them back the credits.

Happy Mothers' Day! :)

A proud daughter,

Riz ♥

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thechyrelgomez said...

happy mom's day to your mom! :)

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