Monday, May 16, 2011


May 15, 2011

It was quite a long day for me. Went to church in the morning, then went to Manila with the fam to attend a fiesta celebration. Food was awesome as always. Too excited for me that I forgot to take pictures. haha =)

After lunch, I went ahead and met up with the boy, his brother and his girlfriend--finally after two weeks of them being here in Manila (they're having their vacay from UK) It was really great seeing them at last!

No outfit post for today, since i had a lazy one (not worth posting).Blame it on the scorching heat here in Manila! haha (denim shorts, shirt and oxfords)

Kuya Don, Mish, Me, Jireh

She had a sprained ankle which explains the wheel chair. =( Hope she still enjoyed her stay though. =)

The girls bonding @ Starbucks while the boys are outside.


Checked on shops and went to buy DVDs after.

Enjoyed a lot!

It was great to meet you Kuya Don and Miska :)

This is gonna be it for now loves! x

Riz ♥


Oh my Dior! said...

I really love how you look with your bangs

Tereza Anton said...

You two look so cute. It looks like you had an amazing time with his brother and girlfriend. That is really good that you got along.

rizzalana said...

aww thanks tereza. you're such a sweet candy ♥

Oh my Dior! - thanks dear ;)

Anti said...

hii there, i just link you from chictopia, ^^ nice blog,
you and your bf are so sweets ^^

mestizay said...

i love your hair! you are so pretty!

Ramona said...

You both are gorgeous couple! You're such a beauty indeed!
It's great to have fun and laybackday with friends!

xoxo Ra

pinkmate said...

you're so right! sometimes it's annoying to dress up if it's too hot! love your hair by the way!


rizzalana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

hi sweetie! :) i love your blog!!.. you have such lovely style.. and i love your looks! very chic! ;) i followed your blog and in chictopia.. ;)

hope we could follow each other.. that would be a pleasure :)

Kathleen said...

aw such sweet pics! always love family/friend outings :). hope ur having a lovely weekend girl!! :)

<3, Kathleen.

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