Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friday Stripes

Red Striped top - thrifted || Tank top - Old navy || Washed jeans - Jag || Wedge boots  - Peacocks (Oh I miss Peacocks. Does anyone of you know another branch?)

A long overdue post. I have been slightly shying away from social interaction for the past few days since I really think I could just be consumed as of now being alone, and thinking alone. Aside from watching Modern Family--basically non-stop except from pee and food breaks.

Oh Jesus, I should really get back to the real world as soon as possible.


Chyrel Gomez said...

Sofia Vergara cracks me up. Love the photos. <3

roviedear said...

super nice hair and i love your photos. I see a young kookie b in you! so grungy <3

The Bargain Doll

Rizza Lana said...

Chy - IKR! Just downed Modern family seasons 1-3 and now I miss Gloriaaa.

Rovie - Aww, thanks :")

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