Sunday, September 9, 2012

Park Spaces

One of my favorite shoots indeed. Had a quick photoshoot with the ever-so-humble Julo Cope and I turned to love parking lots that day. I need not to elaborate on how talented this man is, and let his works speak for thyselves here and here.

Vintage laced oversized top - thrifted || Black shorts - thrifted || Boots - Forever 21 || Wine Red floppy hat - SM accessories


Chyrel Gomez said...

I'm really in awe. <3

Denise said...

simple is fashionable. <3 this post :)

roviedear said...

love the drama of your posts. you are one of my favorites, honestly :)
The Bargain Doll

Rizza Lana said...

@Chy - you're forever sweet. :)

@Denise - oh thank you :")

@Rovie - You just don't know how you made my heart smile there <3

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