Friday, September 7, 2012

Roses Are

Just got home from a morning for the books with Ji, lazy-lounging, talking and weird-dancing while enjoying sloppy fries and fastfood burgers we'd binge and smell everytime. Oh, we could do this everyday. "Yeah right, Riz, how many calories is that again?" said the fitness voice in my head. This, I'll surely miss. *sigh* At least for now, these tiny peachy things make it worthwhile, not to mention my cat's indulgence of kneading my stomach yet again. 

I've been using this floral treasure for a while now, and realized I've never documented it. It screams versatility when I first saw this on my lola's box of goodies and been using it with almost everything since then.

Floral top - Lola's gift || Bandage skirt - Bazaar || Boots - Peacocks


Chyrel Gomez said...

I'm starting to miss you na. Love the top and red skirt.

Don't mind those calories.

Cheska; said...

Love it! <3

Rizza Lana said...

@Chy - waaah. =| I'll try my best to blog as often as I could even if i'm there.

@Cheska - Thank you! x

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